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Our Team

Patricia Conceicao RMT
Black Desert

Patricia Conceicao
RMT & Co-Owner

With her Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy, hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of pathophysiology, Patricia is highly skilled in providing massage therapy to clients utilizing safe, and helpful techniques. 
Her experience ranges from sports injuries, working with the palliative care unit at Toronto East General Hospital, treating women with their pre and post natal needs to working in a spa atmosphere. She has been an RMT for over 10 years and is passionate about helping others with their therapeutic/relaxation needs. Outside the clinic you can find Patricia enjoying going for walks and hikes with her dogs.


Amanda Kerr RMT
Black Desert

Amanda is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. She graduated from Sir Stanford Fleming in 2015. During her time as an RMT she has been a part of many outreaches such as palliative care, charity events, and sport events/athletic team treatments.

She is very passionate about giving the best care possible to each client. Outside of the clinic you can find her spending time with her pets and family

Amanda Kerr

RMT & Co-Owner

Black Desert

Alberta Agnew


Alberta graduated from

Durham College and is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Her passion for helping others led her to a career in massage therapy. Alberta incorporates various techniques into her treatments such as fascial release, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, and Swedish massage. She collaborates with her clients to create a client centered treatment plan based on individual needs. Whether you're seeking massage for pain relief or simply to relax, Alberta aims to leave her clients feeling rejuvenated. Outside of the clinic you can find  Alberta camping and

enjoying the outdoors  with her

friends and family.    

Black Desert

Elizabeth Rerrie


Elizabeth is a

Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the CMTO.  She has 15 years of experience as a massage therapist. Elizabeth started her health education by achieving a Bachelors in Human Kinetics with an Honour's in Movement Science. Following her degree she completed her massage therapy diploma concurrently with a sports injury diploma. She has since worked with a variety of clientele from all ages and walks of life. Elizabeth is an inclusive and body positive therapist who believes that every body is deserving of safe,
effective treatment and healing. Whether you need to relax or address a specific concern Elizabeth will tailor a treatment to suit

your needs.

Jessica Pragg RMT
Black Desert

Jessica Pragg


Jessica is a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Athletic Therapist and Registered Kinesiologist. She graduated from Ontario College of Health and Technology in 2021 and is in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. She is experienced in the areas of injury prevention and management, sport nutrition, and performance recovery. Jessica is a hands-on manual practitioner and incorporates various techniques into her treatments such as fascial release, trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, and Swedish massage and has worked with many clients and athletes of all ages. When she is not in the clinic, Jessica is on the road working with hockey teams in the winter and lacrosse teams in the summer as the their athletic therapist. In her spare time she trains in Bowmanville and enjoys doing muay thai and jiu jitsu.

Savannah Thompson RMT
Black Desert

Savannah Thompson


Savannah received an
advanced diploma from Durham College after a three year long program. She was drawn to Massage Therapy by her interest in offering a comprehensive, and personalized approach to health care. Savannah enjoys working with her clients; collaborating with them to create a treatment plan that is catered to their specific needs and lifestyle. Savannah incorporates a variety of skills including deep tissue release, trigger point therapy, and Swedish Massage. Whether you are seeking treatment to relax or address a specific ailment; Savannah’s goal is to promote a positive massage experience, with the utmost benefits leaving you feeling revitalized.

Black Desert

Sharon Harding


Sharon graduated with an advanced diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming in 2010. In her career, Sharon has honed her therapeutic skills on a widely diverse set of clients from children to professional athletes. Believing massage therapy is integral to optimal health, Sharon thrives pairing client experience with quality care. Outside the clinic you may see Sharon enjoying the arts, volunteering with SOCKS and the Central Lake Ontario Conservation, hiking, and traveling.

Black Desert

Amy Osborne

Amy is a 2010 graduate of Sutherland Chan School & Teaching Clinic. She is well-practiced in providing stress reducing Swedish massage, as well as trigger point therapy, myo-fascial release and prenatal massage. Amy is also certified in Hot Stone Massage.

Black Desert

Katie Ly


Katie graduated in 2022 with

honours in a 3-year advanced diploma in Massage Therapy from Durham College. She is passionate about developing solid patient-therapist relationships, so that she may create individualized treatment plans and give the best care possible. Katie is skilled in therapeutic massage and has been successful in providing pain-relief for various musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries. She cares deeply for the health and wellness of her patients and strives to promote physical, mental, and emotional healing through massage therapy. Outside of work, Katie enjoys spending time with loved ones and eating good food.

Black Desert

Sheryl Idmilao
RMT / Manual Osteopathic Practitioner 

Sheryl is a dedicated RMT
and a proud member of the RMTAO, she is a graduate from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from the Philippines,  With  careful listening and thoughtful communication, she emphasizes the significance of being present and tuning in to every client.

Sheryl's expertise spans from Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Assessment, Swedish, Injury Rehabilitation, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Therapeutic Modalities, Passive Stretch Therapy – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Lymphatic Drainage, and Relaxation.  Sheryl's experience extends to working with various injuries and postural imbalances, firmly believing in the incredible benefits of massage.

Beyond her professional life, Sheryl finds joy in spending quality time with her husband and two beautiful children. In her spare moments, she indulges in her passion for singing and finds solace in listening to praise songs, a practice that soothes both her body and soul. Sheryl's multifaceted approach to massage therapy reflects not only her expertise but also her genuine care for the well-being of her clients.


Black Desert

Melissa Williams

Reiki Master

Melissa is a

certified Reiki Master with

years of experience.  She believes that Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that anyone could benefit from.  She collaborates with her clients to create a treatment that is centered around their specific needs. Melissa aims to reduce stress, increase relaxation and promote healing by treating the whole person including their body, emotions, mind and spirit. 

Outside of the clinic Melissa is a Labour and Delivery

nurse and the proud mother

of 4 busy kids!

Black Desert

Miranda Powles
Clinic Assistant

Miranda is a dynamic and personable professional with a proven track record as a receptionist. With exceptional organizational skills and a warm demeanor, Miranda effortlessly manages front desk operations, handles inquiries, and ensures a smooth flow of communication within the clinic. Miranda's friendly disposition and strong work ethic make her an invaluable asset to our team. Outside of the clinic you can find Miranda tending to her flower gardens or working on one of her many projects.

Front Staff

Black Desert

Breanna Clausner

Clinic Assistant

  Breanna is a Registered

Massage Therapy student attending Durham College. As one of the first people you will see walking into the clinic, Breanna is a vital asset in our day to day administration. From answering the phones to processing all our direct billing claims, she keeps everything organized to give our clients the best service possible. Outside of the clinic you can find Breanna camping and enjoying

the outdoors with her friends and family.    

Black Desert

Jamie McDonald
Clinic Assistant

Jamie is a compassionate and driven individual with an unwavering passion for helping people. Her innate desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others has shaped her journey, leading her interest in perusing a career in Massage Therapy. With a warm heart and a strong sense of empathy, Jamie's dedication to making the world a better place is both inspiring and infectious, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she encounters. In her spare time Jamie enjoys playing hockey and snowboarding.

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